We create products for special tasks.

Arlen Textile Group specializes in the production of garments made of polyester fabrics, polyamides 6.6 and polyviscose

Products created by us are made from technical fabrics that have antibacterial, antifungal, antistatic, acid-resistant, waterproof, fire-resistant, and insect-resistant properties.

We are also a manufacturer of clothing made from laminates with PES, PU, or PTFE membrane, as well as protective clothing meeting the requirements of EN 1149, EN342, EN 343, EN 469, EN 471, EN 13034, EN 11612. The fabrics used in our workwear and corporate clothing comply with the requirements specified by EN 340, and medical clothing adheres to the EN 13795 standard.

Division of product groups for individual customer segments:

Specialized clothing
Corporate clothing
Medical clothing
Clothing for the HORECA industry
Clothing for transportation companies

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