Arlen S.A.

The leading entity of the Arlen Textile Group is the company Arlen S.A., established in 1995. In the early days of its operation, it consisted of only two individuals. Currently, Arlen S.A. is the most significant unit within the Arlen Group.

The headquarters of Arlen S.A. is located in Warsaw, at 17 Adama Branickiego Street, with the production facility situated in Żyrardów..

It is the most modern production facility, specializing in the manufacturing of clothing for various market segments, located in a city with industrial traditions dating back to the early 19th century.

For many years now, Arlen S.A. has been one of the leading designers, manufacturers, and distributors of clothing in Europe. The company owes its success to the excellent management of President Andrzej Tabaczyński and the highly skilled work of a team of textile industry specialists.

The company’s location in Warsaw facilitates maintaining business relationships with existing clients and, at the same time, streamlines the processes of acquiring new clients from the tender sector and B2B customers.

At present, Arlen is in the midst of dynamic growth and preparations for entering the stock market.